Crown Her your Queen! By VannaK

Vanna Kitsinian, the Leading Californian bridal jewellery designer talks to ADTF.

ADTF: Vanna, please tell us about your background

VK: I am of Armenian origin. My family established a fine jewellery manufacturing firm, S.A. Kitsinian some 40 years ago in Los Angeles.  The pursuit of excellence and artistry in craftmanship have been hallmarks to our family-run company. Designing came naturally to me.

ADTF: How do you select your diamonds?

VK : Our diamond buyer searches for the most beautiful diamonds and gems. Thereafter, I go through his selection and hand-pick the ones I want to use in my pieces.  I use from VS quality G color diamonds and up.

ADTF: Your collections feature diamond jewellery with rare stones set in intricate vintage-inspired designs.

VK: Designing vintage-inspired jewelry gives me the opportunity to create very detail-oriented pieces which I love! For me, details make the design of a piece and elevate if from an ordinary piece of jewelry to an extraordinary piece of art.

ADTF: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

VK: I travel a lot and have been fortunate to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. I try to infuse the beauty of ancient monuments and structures I see on my travels into the mountings of my rings which gives them an additional old-world feel.

ADTF: The hot new trend in the US is the two-tone engagement ring. Why is it so popular in the US?

VK: Two-tone rings offer women the opportunity to have it all because they do not have to choose between different options of precious metal colors. Additionally, from a design and aesthetic perspective, creating two-tone rings truly accentuates the details in my vintage rings, including the ornate side galleries, the hand engraved details, the milgrain etching and the halos. Accenting these elements with varying colors using rose and yellow gold makes my creations stand apart.
ADTF: Thank you Vanna for your time. We look forward to welcoming your brother Arch Kitsinian to the Fair next January 31st!