Interview with Alain Némarq, CEO of Mauboussin

Happiness or Bust
In his new offices installed in a townhouse built in 1831, which looks more like a contemporary art gallery than a work place, I met with Alain Némarq, who for the past decade has presided over the jeweller Mauboussin, founded in 1827.

 Mr. Némarcq, what do diamonds represent for you?
“Diamond are synonymous with happiness and also a token of personal success. Ten years ago, when I took over the company’s management, coloured gemstones were in favour. This year, however, diamond jewellery as well as diamond watches will represent 80% of sales.

Before we parted, Alain spoke to me about his second book, which was just released under the title “Le bonheur sinon rien” (in English: Happiness or Bust). This brought us full circle, and we wish him great success.