Visitors at the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair will have the privilege of attending an exceptional evening, on Sunday 31 January 2016!

Hand-crafted diamond jewels imagined by HRD Award winners or nominees will once again be presented in Antwerp this year, during the opening evening of the Antwerp Diamond Night, organised by the AWDC.

This evening, which will take place on 31 January, marks the culmination of the program offered to visitors at the 2016 Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.

Trade Fair visitors will have the pleasure of seeing a completely original mise en scène of avant-garde jewellery creations, as part of a show filled with colour.

These works of art were unveiled in Antwerp this past 29 October, during the 17th HRD Awards, the renowned international diamond jewellery contest, held in Antwerp every other year. Its purpose is to encourage creative talent, while expanding the limits of contemporary design of diamond set jewellery. The HRD Awards offer a platform for young jewellery creators, enabling them to gain international visibility. They promote diamonds and high-end jewellery around the world. Thanks to the support of companies based in Antwerp or elsewhere in the world, the designers had the opportunity to use diamonds in their creations.

For the 2015 HRD Awards, HRD Antwerp suggested that the designers/creators find inspiration in their culinary heritage, in order to produce dazzling diamond jewellery. Among the record number of 1531 candidates, the jury, made up of diamond industry experts, selected 29 designers/creators who were given the opportunity to bring their designs to life.  The main sponsor of the HRD Awards, TESIRO, is an internationally recognized Chinese jewellery company.