Interview with Massimo Gismondi

Size and colour first and foremost!
Massimo Gismondi is a stone enthusiast and an accomplished gemmologist. He regularly visits the main centres for gemstone sales such as Antwerp, where he often goes.Gems are his true passion, and he would definitely splurge on a favourite.President of the eponymous house, he represents the seventh generation in charge.He granted an interview to the organisers of the Antwerp Trade Fair.

“We are certainly one of the oldest jewellers in Italy. Our house, in Genoa, was founded in 1754; my ancestors were first goldsmiths, whose clientèle was the clergy and the Vatican.The trade of jeweller came later, in the 19th century – and we have been at the same address since 1871.

“Always Genoese at heart, we have great projects to develop our brand. In 2011, we opened our second store in Portofino. In 2012, St Moritz, Switzerland was next, and this year, our name shines on Albemarle Street, just off Old Bond Street in London. All our jewellery pieces are “made in Italy” in our workshops in Genoa and in Valenza.”

“I especially like precious stones, Burma rubies, Columbian and Pakistani emeralds, as well as Paraiba tourmalines, tanzanites, lesser known stones which I love to present to my clientèle. However, diamonds still have the leading role in our collections. When I choose them, my two areas of predilection are “cut” size and colour.I am already delighted at the thought of finding beauties at the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.”