A new chapter in investment diamonds

During the past few years, consumers have been told that this is the time to invest in diamonds. A flurry of companies has arisen, offering consumers an opportunity to invest in the most desirable categories of polished, colorless diamonds, most often larger than two carats, in the highest color, clarity and cut ranges. Arguing that the production of rough diamonds is dwindling, and that the supply of the top categories will decrease, prices, the investment firms say, will inevitably go up sharply and therefore, diamond are a solid investment. Most industry experts, one way or another, seem to agree with this contention.

But what about natural coloured diamonds? Nicholas Weinberg, of Level Diamonds, an exhibitor at the upcoming Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, says that to the best of his knowledge, nobody has yet come up with an investment proposal involving natural coloured diamonds. “Only one out of every 10,000 diamonds mined and polished is a natural coloured diamond,” Weinberg noted. “That makes them the rarest of diamonds in the market. And coloured diamonds are consistently outperforming colourless diamonds, and for that matter, the top three coloured gemstones, i.e. sapphire, ruby and emerald. “We have put together a number of ‘natural coloured diamonds investment packages’ that we will be exhibiting at the ADTF next week. We are excited to be presenting this new project in Antwerp!” he said.