A quick interview with Stephane Fischler, Chairman of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre

We are about to hold the Seventh Edition of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair. Time for a quick review: What do you see in your crystal ball?

 The concept of the ADTF has proven a unique opportunity to bring diamond buyers – jewellery retailers and manufacturers from all over the world to the diamond district and make themselves feel at home in our streets and bourses. The Fair is a formidable opportunity to understand what a powerhouse house Antwerp is in the diamond trade.

Our greatest challenge is to ensure that diamonds continue to be desired by the end consumer. Compared to a decade ago or so, all players in the diamond manufacturing and trading business now understand that in order to preserve consumer desire for natural diamonds, we need to invest in consumer research and consequently build promotional campaigns and advertising projects. This is not achieved overnight, but I am happy to see that such efforts undertaken both by miners and our own business community have accelerated and taken shape. Clearly, we will need to work much closer with retailers, be perceptive of their needs and as well as consumers’ desires so that we can work together to preserve the diamond consumer market and also expand it. The AWDC has played an active and central role in these marketing efforts and will continue to do so.