Chaumet: Love is a diamond

When you enter the newly decorated flagship Place Vendôme Maison Chaumet, you can read on a large neon light the statement: “Love is a diamond”. The tone is set.

Diamonds play a major role in these collections and it is impossible to go through the wide choice of stones with all shapes imaginable: cushion, pear, brilliant, step cuts.

The jeweller’s new strategy aims at a younger clientele reflecting its new president, Jean-Marc Mansvelt who has led Chaumet for the past 2 years together with Anne-Line Rocattis, his communications director.

The first step was to create the “ephemeral” Chaumet museum, exhibiting historic collections based on themes of naturalism, love feelings and illustrating the glorious past of Chaumet.

Maison Chaumet has been a regular visitor of the Antwerp Diamond Fair over the past few years

The talented interior designer, Elisabeth Leviche created a ‘bridal’ decor loyal to the Chaumet’s tradition of “Jeweller of Feelings” through exceptional tiaras, tributes to Empress Joséphine; bridal sets, The “Lien” – the thread, authentic love pledges binding 2 beings and bucolic collections, Hydrangea Flowers, Bee my Love, “Le Blé” Wheat collections.

There is jewellery for everybody. The price range is also wide. From € 1900, one can get a solitaire engagement ring. One can also get the “Sacre d’Amour” jewel for € 2 million created on the occasion of the opening of the “Love is a diamond” space in the boutique. The Sacre d’Amour boasts a 26 ct yellow fancy vivid diamond which was swiftly acquired!

One of the specialties of Maison Chaumet is the made-to-measure service “Crown your love”. Chaumet offers the opportunity to create in-store your dream engagement ring.

BrilliAnt, The 8th edition of the Fair next January 29th to 31st, 2017, looks forward to welcoming Chaumet’s diamond buyers again!