Dario Ramerini, CEO of Jewellery Brand Ititoli

Dario Ramerini, CEO of Jewellery Brand Ititoli, one of the main Italian manufacturers of Solitaires, will attend the Antwerp Diamond Fair to look for certified stones within half a carat to set on a patented model.

“After 20 years of coming to Antwerp, I feel at home in the streets of Antwerp. Buildings have no numbers anymore but faces and emotions.”

“I have approached a diamond company to see if we can work together on some of my fine jewellery pieces as I was very impressed with the quality of their stones.

“The Antwerp Diamond Fair is the vivid expression of this city: small but rich, simple but important, essential and at the same time always fair.

“I will participate at the 2014 edition of the fair to find certified diamonds of specific carat weights in so far we sell our patented solitaires principally to large jewellery retailing groups that want homogeneity and high quality let alone diamonds from reliable sources abiding by the Kimberley Process.

Dario Ramerini,
CEO of Jewellery Brand Ititoli