Designer Rachel Galley identifies new suppliers at ADTF

Rachel Galley, Design Director of Rachel Galley Jewellery Design Ltd, is a high-profile UK-based designer who visited ADTF in 2013 where she identified new suppliers to help develop her business.

“I was at the time starting to design a range using diamonds and precious stones, so the Antwerp diamond fair was perfect for me to go and see if I could get some inspiration from the beautiful stones and meet a potential supplier for the stones to use within the collection,” Rachel said.

“I have approached a diamond company to see if we can work together on some of my fine jewellery pieces as I was very impressed with the quality of their stones.

“These relationships take a while to develop and because working in fine jewellery is relatively new to me I need to ensure I do it right first time and establish a long working relationship that is trustworthy and reliable.

“The piece, for Lonmin, was designed after the fair and seeing the diamonds in such an array made me realise the Princess Cut was most certainly my favourite and this is how I started working on the range using this.

“It was very good to get to the niche and detail as each supplier had its own speciality, for example fancy cuts.”

Rachel says the benefits of sourcing diamonds from the Antwerp trade, are that the quality is guaranteed, the knowledge and competition is second to none, and one can build a great relationship with suppliers who are easily accessible.