From Montreal to Antwerp

“Trading diamonds is our primary business and unlike any other shows, the Fair addresses our specific need to source loose stones and layouts. We already custom manufacture our own jewelry so we have no need to see endless aisles of finished pieces,” says Louis-Alexandre Laferriere, a principal of Laferriere & Brixi Diamonds & Jewellery, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. “Also, when it comes to sourcing rare and exceptional goods, Antwerp dealers in our experience have always provided unique breadth of range and depth of stock. To assemble all the major players under one roof gives us a unique opportunity to look and compare inventory and get a good pulse on prices.

Finally, the intimate nature of the Fair creates the necessary space to strengthen our current relationships and build new ones in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Now as always, you need a strong web of relationships to build a strong Diamonds business.

Louis-Alexandre Laferriere,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.