Laura Grazioli cannot stay away from Antwerp

news22-2Jewellery designer Laura Grazioli will attend the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair for the 4th time next February 2015. Winner of the 2000 International Jewellery Design Awards, Laura has over 20 years’ experience in the industry with leading jewellers such as Tiffany & Co, Asprey & Schreiner. Specialized in designing unique jewellery master pieces, Laura channels her creativity in designing bespoke jewellery. Laura comments: “Only at the ADTF, can one view marvellous diamonds of unbelievable sizes, shapes and colours. It’s the diamond that is the real star, so what better place than the ADTF where you have the opportunity to forge new partnerships with high level diamond suppliers and create winning synergies. We have similar goals: To be always competitive and stay at the forefront of the jewellery market.At the moment, the market is very aggressive and it is only thanks to excellence that one can be successful. The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair is without any doubt the ultimate expression of excellence in the global diamond industry!”.

Laura Grazioli