Lorenz Bäumer talks to ADTF on why he prefers to set diamonds in his jewellery

Place Vendôme Jeweller, Lorenz Bäumer, talks to ADTF on why he prefers to set diamonds in his jewellery.

ADTF: Mr Bäumer, Why do you have such a predilection for diamonds?

LB: In my view, diamonds eclipse all other gemstones. Diamonds are the brightest, the most durable, the hardest and the most precious of all stones. A diamond is intriguing and speaks to our imagination. I find that when I speak to a client about rubies or emeralds, it is difficult to engage or enthuse him or her. Therefore, when I established my own brand, I have always given preference to diamonds, and in particular to fancy colour diamonds as they offer an impressive palette of colours, hues and tones. Of course, it is the skilled crafstman that cuts and polishes diamonds who turns the diamond from an almost inert piece of rough into a sparkling diamond, full of life!

I have used diamonds in all shapes and sizes, in all their glory: as center stones as well as in pavé settings… Lately, we have developped a new technology enabling us to engrave a message or a drawing on the table of the diamond. A new way to ensure the message lasts forever.

Whilst my clients request brilliants, personnaly I prefer cushion-shaped diamonds. I also like flat diamonds because a design can be engraved on the table.

The biggest diamond I have ever set in a jewel was about 15 carats. Let’s turn back though to fancy colour diamonds. I draw a lot of pleasure from playing with them and setting them together in harmony for example a chocolate-coloured diamond next to cognac-coloured and tea rose pink-coloured diamonds! When you have the privilege of handling all these stones, it is sheer happiness to create jewellery pieces and see light spring into a rainbow of colours. No other gemstone can offer you this sight!