The House of Mozafarian: 3 Centuries of Fine Art in Jewellery!

ADTF: Bahareh, your family history is fascinating. From Switzerland to Persia in its early stages and today in London and Dubai, Mozafarian has been the jewellers of kings and queens, dignitaries, wealthy patrons, A-listers and discerning customers across the world. The Mozafarian Royal Set from the 1060s is one of the most important example of 20th c. Islamic Art. Tell us about your collections today.

BM:  At Mozafarian, we keep up to date with current market trends and styles. Many of our clients are looking for more innovative styles, funky and desirable to the eye rather than classical styles. We work closely with our Italian artisans to create unusual and attractive pieces of jewellery with the most precious gemstones in the world. Since the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, sapphires have come back into fashion and we are now creating beautiful jewellery combining sapphires and diamonds. Our bridal jewellery still emanates from simplicity and purity in its style, so the classical solitaire brilliant cut diamond is still very popular. However, intense yellow diamonds have now become popular for the perfect engagement ring. We create many bespoke diamond engagement rings with beautiful vivid or natural fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds. The gorgeous contrasting colors of peacock yellow which is metaphorical of fire in ones’ passion and the white diamonds encrusting the beautiful gem portrays the purity of love.

ADTF:   What do your Middle-Eastern customers favour compared to your European clientèle?

BM: Our clients wish to have top quality stones, so if they wish to order a 1.00 ct brilliant cut diamond or 17 carat brilliant cut, the diamonds must be at least colour of H, Clarity VVS with the triple EX specification and Nil Fluorescence. Our clients from the Middle-East tend to favour pear-shaped diamonds and marquise cut. They ask us to look for special stones such as pink, blue and vivid yellow diamonds which are perfect for investments. These stones are for our niche clients. Our European clients love the layout of asschers and cushion cuts.

ADTF: Where is your jewellery manufactured? Is it affordable?

BM: Yes, it is very affordable. We have three workshops, one in Hatton Gardens, London, one in Valenza, Italy and one in Gold Souk, Dubai. So we create at different price points but we always keep the highest manufacturing standards. The more important pieces are created in our workshop in Valenza as Italian handcraftsmanship is world-renowned.

ADTF: Thanks Bahareh for your precious time. We look forward to welcoming you to the Fair next January 31st, 2016!