Nirav Modi diamond jewellery brand makes big impact in Europe in September

The Nirav Modi Haute Joaillerie brand, which can trace roots to Antwerp, made a big impact in Europe in September with a stellar exhibition at the Biennale des Antiquaires, and the opening of its first European boutique on Old Bond Street.

Art and craftsmanship are the guiding lights for the brand.

The designs of Nirav Modi’s exquisite diamond jewels are inspired by his travels, nature and passion for art.

Each design is hand crafted, making every Nirav Modi jewel a treasure to own.

“For me, impeccable craftsmanship has to be a given and provides the tools to create works of art,” said Nirav Modi, who grew up in Antwerp as the son and grandson of diamantaires.

Luminance Cascade Earings by Nirav Modi.

Luminance Cascade Earings by Nirav Modi.

Exhibiting for the first time at the Biennale, held at the Grand Palais from September 10 to 18, Nirav Modi created succulent pieces inspired by themes as varied as India’s former ruling dynasties, and Impressionist water lilly paintings.

“Inspiration comes from so many sources – nature, art, poetry, architecture – and is sometimes found in the most unexpected of places,” he said.

On September 19, a day after the Biennale, Nirav Modi opened a boutique at 31 Old Bond Street, the most prestigious end of London’s premier shopping hub — a few steps from Graff, Moussaieff and Chatila.

Another distinguishing feature is that Nirav Modi has created three unique cuts of diamonds: the Endless, Ainra, and Mughal cuts. Nirav Modi pieces only use top quality, certified diamonds.

Nirav Modi has been invited to the 2017 BrilliAnt Fair.