Diamond is the precious stone we use the most!

Damiani’s creations are worn by a great many celebrities and actresses. Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Sophia Loren, Isabella Rossellini, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tilda Swinton are all fans.
The organizers of BrilliAnt have met with Silvia Damiani together with the daughter
of Princess Natalia Romanov, the granddaughter of Prince Nicolas Romanovitch on the occasion of the opening of the store on Place Vendôme place, a stone’s throw away from the Ritz hotel in Paris.


What does this opening mean to Damiani?

“Place Vendôme is a mythical place for all jewellers and the most beautiful address in the world. It’s a great joy and a dream come true. It is also great to be able to be next to famous jewellery houses to promote our own identity. It’s a challenge that my brothers Guido and Giorgio and myself want to win. To note that we are the only Italian jeweller here, so we are quite proud!”

Diamonds are at the heart of all your collections

“Indeed, we mostly use diamonds in our jewellery. Colourless diamonds offer us many creative possibilities and more freedom. If we use a colour precious stone, we have to highlight it.”

Another fabulous surprise is the presentation of the SVEVA Tiara worn by Nicoletta Romanov’s grandmother on her wedding day in 1952. The tiara which was masterminded for weeks and crafted for 6 months boasts 500 grams of light, pink gold, quite rare, over 4500 diamonds and 83 Akoya pearls. To make this opening memorable, we are showing 2 new collections, Fiocco and Fiori d’Arancio.