Zen Diamond favours a generic approach to boost diamond jewellery sales

Turkey’s Zen Diamond plans expansion in Europe

Zen Diamond, the biggest diamond jewellery store chain in Turkey, plans to expand in Europe, starting with Germany.
Zen Diamond, which has been invited to attend BrilliANT in 2017, is looking to add 3-5 stores in Germany within one year, said CEO Emil Guzelis who visited ADTF in 2015.
The diamond jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer has 53 stores in Turkey, and five overseas, including in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Cyprus and Qatar.
“Now one of the main goals is to promote the Zen Diamond brand across the globe by opening Zen Stores or Zen Corners through franchising,” the company says.
“Zen Diamond welcomes contacts from companies or retailers to establish a partnership.”
Zen Diamond offers contemporary diamond jewellery designs and collections by applying innovative approaches to a family tradition of creating fine quality jewellery since 1890.
The latest collections include a Bridal Collection, Rose Cut Diamond Collection, and a new product line, City Trend, which combines rose gold, colour gemstones and diamonds.
Zen Diamond has a selection of “diamond watches”, merging technology, elegance and stunning gemstones.
A key attraction of BrilliANT to Zen Diamond, which participates in several international trade fairs, would be the availability in Antwerp of a wide choice of diamonds at competitive prices, as the company prides itself on providing great value to customers.
Zen Diamond favours a generic approach to boost diamond jewellery sales.
“Diamonds should be promoted by the whole sector to develop the business,” Mr Guzelis said.