The brilliant story of Antwerp and diamonds

AWDC is at your service

LOGO-AWDC-QIn global terms, the diamond business today is worth more than $70.8 billion per annum, and provides a career and livelihood to millions of people. The axis around which that business turns is Antwerp, comprising of a financial, technical and intellectual infrastructure that is unrivalled in the industry. Antwerp literally is the nerve centre from which a global network is coordinated, enabling the transformation of rough diamonds into the sparkling showpieces sold in jewellery shops around the globe.

Antwerp is home to over 1700 registered diamond firms, including rough diamond producers and dealers, manufacturers, and polished diamond wholesalers. The city also headquarters the industry’s leading financial institutions, insurance companies, security, shipping and logistics providers, gem labs, etc. Its multicultural community of diamond dealers from various religious backgrounds in a politically stable and neutral setting is truly unique.

In short, in the diamond business, the city plays a role similar to that of New York in international banking and finance. What New York is to the financial markets, Antwerp is to the global diamond trade, demonstrated by an average annual turnover of more than US$50 billion

Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) is a Public, Private Cooperation, officially representing and coordinating the Antwerp diamond sector. Our mission is twofold: strengthening Antwerp’s position as the world’s primary diamond trading centre and strengthening the image of diamonds to a general audience.

Our goal is to service all those involved or interested in our fascinating stones, from professional players like the mining giants to the bride-to-be, looking for her perfect wedding ring. The various AWDC Departments are at your service to facilitate your business in Antwerp.

Diamond Office, the in-house customs office that streamlines an average of US$ 200 million worth in diamonds in and out of Antwerp lies at the core of the city’s unique trade infrastructure. Through a sophisticated system of procedures and controls, Antwerp is continuously focused on maintaining internationally recognized high levels of compliance and transparency relating to AML, KP, and CSR, summarized in the fifth C, for Compliance, Confidence and CSR.

With 84% of all rough diamonds and half of all polished diamonds traded in Antwerp, the city is the world’s first and foremost trading hub, offering the most diverse array of goods with a guarantee that every buyer finds a seller at the best market price. Through its Business Development Department, AWDC actively focuses on increasing its global business network for rough and polished goods.
The department also offers several services, such as AWDC’s Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility, a fully-fledged, state-of-the-art facility available for rough producers, AWDC succeeded in enhancing Antwerp’s scope by bringing more rough diamonds to Antwerp.

The PR & Communications Department promotes Antwerp as the world’s largest and most important diamond trading hub through the organization and coordination of various activities both in Belgium and abroad. The Department provides communication and information services, marketing tools and sets up initiatives that support the Antwerp diamond business, such as participation in international trade fairs, networking opportunities and PR events.

The Legal and Compliance Department set up the Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance Helpdesk, to advise and assist all Antwerp diamond dealers with respect to anti-money laundering (AML) and other compliance issues. At this moment the helpdesk already assists 1 out of 4 registered diamond dealers in completing their annual AML declaration.

AWDC’s HR Department facilitates in all HR related matters and offers dedicated services such as ‘Antwerp Diamond Jobs’, a website that gathers all job postings in the Antwerp diamond industry. This service helps Antwerp diamond companies to find suitable staff more easily through one platform:

The in-house Public Affairs Department focuses on representing the diamond industry towards governments and international and national stakeholders, alongside providing information on international diamond-related affairs such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The Business Intelligence Department is responsible for gathering and interpreting all relevant data, information and institutional memory that can enhance Antwerp’s leading position as “diamond centre of excellence”.

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