A.A. Rachminov Diamonds Europe

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A.A Rachminov is one of the world's most prestigious diamond houses founded by second-generation diamantaires, Ori and Mati Rachminov. Ranked among Israel’s leading diamond exporters, A.A. Rachminov is headquartered in Ramat Gan, with branches in key diamond centres worldwide—Antwerp, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, and New York. The company serves an international clientele, from large franchises to independent shops to the most exclusive jewellery brands. Distinguished by perfection, A.A. Rachminov specializes in high quality, exact-cut diamonds, providing a large and diverse supply of diamonds in all shapes and sizes over 1 carat, white and fancy colours, especially spectacular yellow diamonds, and rare pinks and blues in various hues and intensities. “With our wide and diverse inventory of diamonds, we’re always ready and able to accommodate varying diamond-supply requirements and requests that are unique to the countries we operate in,” explains Mati Rachminov, owner. He highlights the company’s commitment to simplify communications with an app for customers to view inventory, search product and ask questions, as well as social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram
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Adiam NV is a diamond trading firm with deep roots in the international diamond industry and trade. Adiam's directors are Sanjiv Mehta and Amit Mehta. Adiam's parent company is Mehta Brothers Gems Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai, India, a family business founded more than 50 years ago. The company is a wholesaler of diamonds, both in large and smaller small sizes. However, the company focuses on diamonds larger than 0.30 ct. which can be supplied consistently, from the company's own factories in India. As we do all our rough sourcing, cutting and polishing ourselves, we can very offer competitive pricing to our customers. We also stock fancy colored and fancy shaped diamonds. Adiam also provides its clients with meticulously sorted parcels, according to our clients' specifications of size and quality. The company's larger stones are accompanied with certificates from reputed gem labs. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority.
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Andre Messika Diamonds

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Andre Messika was established in 1972 in France as a distributor of polished diamonds. In order to meet growing global demand, and after opening an office at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan in 2003, he started his own manufacturing operations, distributing both polished rough and polished diamonds, and gaining a reputation as one of the world's most respected and innovative polished diamonds merchants. In 2013, with a turnover of more than $US 100 million, Andre Messika listed number 8 on Israeli top polished diamond exporters list Our core values are expertise, ethics, trust and dedicated service, constantly offering top quality diamonds. Throughout its international network and offices, Andre Messika maintains close relationships with its clients, offering diamonds in every shape, color and size. We work exclusively with GIA and HRD. Andre Messika's extensive and varied stock includes: All shapes and sizes from 0.20 ct to 20.00+ ct.; single stones and matching pairs; natural fancy colors, rare and unique stones. Each stone is selected respecting the ethical code of our industry. The struggle against "conflict diamonds" is a major priority of such code. As an RJC member (Responsible Jewelry Council), Andre Messika is committed to protecting consumer confidence and enhancing the integrity of the jewelry industry.
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Barsamian Diamonds

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Located in the heart of the Diamond District in Antwerp, Barsamian Diamonds N.V., is an independent, family owned company whose roots go back to 1907. As manufacturers and wholesalers of polished diamonds, they cater to the specific needs of their international customers, which are comprised of diamond merchants and wholesalers, jewellery manufacturers, distributors and retail jewellers. While the company’s main activity is the wholesale of polished diamonds, they are also involved in the polishing of rough diamonds and the re-polishing of diamonds, including damaged stones and estate goods. With direct access to a variety of rough diamond sources, Barsamian Diamonds is able to manufacture and supply their customers according to their specific requirements.
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Beck Diamonds, Diamstones, Sanket Bvba

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Beck Diamonds is a diamond manufacturer that produces polished diamonds in the complete spectrum of qualities, in sizes from 0.20 to 10 carats, in round and fancy shapes. Beck Diamonds has ample experience in the supply of customised orders and in the production and delivery of finished products, among others custom-made jewellery, employing CAD design. The Beck Diamonds company fulfills its customers' needs continuously. The company's staff is highly knowledgeable and always at your service. Diamstones Bvba is a part of Livingstones Group. We specialise in white brilliant cuts of 0.30 and below. We are able to keep very strict assortments in colours and grading. We also do customised grading and sizing for our customers. An adequate volume in all sizes is always available in D to I colours in VVS to I3 qualities. With all the service we offer, we still maintain prompt deliveries on which our customers can rely on. Sanket Bvba is the finished Jewellery company of Diamstones Bvba. We offer jewellery production service to manufacturers all over Europe, manufacturing styles as per customer requirements. Customers benefit from our designing service, and get the Asian production skills and prices into consideration.
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Brachfeld and Sons (H.)

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Brachfeld is a 83 year old global diamond manufacturing and trading group that operates its own manufacturing facilities and supplies diamond selections to clients wordlwide. Brachfeld & Sons (H.) excels in the manufacturing of polished diamons from 0.30 carat and up, in round and fancy shapes. Most of our diamonds are accompanied by diamond grading reports of the Gem Trade Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or of the Gemmological Institute of HRD Antwerp NV (HRD). The company also enjoys a solid reputation as a manufacturer of large, important stones.. The collective know-how of Brachfeld ans Sons (H.)’ family and staff members is a guarantee for professional and reliable service, from customer service to logistics and everything in between.
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Craft Diamonds

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Craft Diamonds is the manifestation of the values of Excellence, Growth and Relationship. We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of Ideal make Natural Diamonds, of sizes ranging from 0.005 ct to 0.25 ct. All our diamonds are cut in our state of the art manufacturing facilities in India by our partner Samarth Diamond and we only sell diamonds manufactured in our units. Our global presence in 3 different countries of Belgium, HongKong and India makes it easy for us to supply our customer’s needs in timely and efficient manner. We endeavor to excel in whatever we do and therefore have achieved the remarkable standards of accuracy in diamond cutting and grading. Over the time our diamonds have enhanced the beauty of many art creations.
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Dalumi Europe

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A leading player in the global diamond and jewelry industry, the Dalumi Group has earned a reputation as one of the diamond world’s best names. Dalumi is an international company with distribution operation in 9 countries on 4 continents. Dalumi is a De Beers Sightholder (with a double sight in Botswana) and is the owner of two renowned brands, Swana Diamond and Golden Diamonds.
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Diamondtrade Link

Posizione: T. +32 3 430 43 60
DIAMONDTRADE LINK is an Italian company based in the heart of the Diamond area in Antwerp. We sell high make certified polished diamonds, GIA HRD IGI as well as manufacture high-end tailor made jewelry. We deliver the best quality, from 0.10 up to 10.00 carat, focusing only on top make diamonds. We run our business with a lot of respect, trust and dedication emphasizing on excellence and reliability. We are very focused on good customer relationships and customer care providing each customer with an exclusive tailor made service.
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Diamond Vault

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In Diamonds we Trust. With a history of passion of four generations in gems and jewellery, one of the newer entrants in the Antwerp diamond business world is Diamond Vault. Our company is a global diamond trading and full service sales entity with more than 400 clients in Antwerp itself alone. Founded on an impressive, international trading network, Diamond Vault focuses on polished diamonds trading, providing 'two way quotes' on almost any stone in stock. We profess and enjoy a relationship of trust and mutual respect in our dealings with our clients, suppliers and service providers. Our execution encompasses speed, price compatibility, discretion and ongoing open dialogue with the purpose to achieve the clients' objective. From retailers to wholesalers, traders to manufacturers and jewellers, our mission is to put their interests first and to measure our success in terms of their success.
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Diarough is one of the largest diamond distributors in the world today and is counted among the most professional and respected names in the international diamond industry. Diarough operates at almost all levels down the diamond pipeline. The company's range of products are sold to an ever-growing global family of loyal customers which include leading manufacturers, polished diamond wholesalers and diamond jewellery retailers. Many of these companies are among the world’s most prestigious brand names. The group is vertically integrated with a worldwide reputation for the consistent quality of its exceptionally well-cut diamonds produced in a range that meets virtually every requirement.
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Eurostar Diamond Traders

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Founded in 1978, Eurostar is a longstanding DTC sightholder and trusted by the world’s most prestigious watch and jewellery brands. Our close relationship and longstanding partnerships with key mining companies empowers us to source and distribute both volume and variety of high quality natural untreated diamonds at the most competitive prices. Eurostar offers an extensive collection of high quality, precisely calibrated diamonds from 1 to 5 carats, including ideal-cut hearts & arrows, rounds, and fashionable fancies. Each diamond from Eurostar is in full compliance with the Kimberley Process and has been through a proprietary, intensive rough diamond analysis for unparalleled brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Independent diamond grading, innovative cuts and precision tailored (mm.) size assortments are also available.
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Fischler Diamonds

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As a veteran, reputable, family operated diamond firm, for Fischler Diamonds, quality is second nature. The consistent quality of their goods is equally met with the quality of their service. Founded in 1953, Fischler Diamonds is known for providing the highest level of ethical conduct and service based on a long standing reputation for honesty and professionalism. They specialise in round diamond manufactures ranging from 0.10 to 5 carats, in colours ranging from D to M, clarities from internally flawless to piqué, and in shapes that include the asscher cut, as well as the princess cut and other fancy cuts. Combining tradition with youth and global enthusiasm, Fischler Diamonds can cater to every need. Since 2015 we became co-costumers of Alrosa (Alliance) for rough and polished diamonds.
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Gem Impex

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Gem Impex is a long standing and trusted family owned business that has been in the diamond trade for over 40 years. With its dual prong approach, the company specialises in certified diamonds as well as in precious coloured gemstones. Their polished diamonds range from 0.50 carats upwards, are all HRD, GIA & IGI certified and are available in all colours and shapes. In addition, they carry a high quality stock of emeralds, rubies and sapphires in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Their industry experience and knowledge together with their emphasis on quality control and ethical integrity allow Gem Impex to guarantee the provenance of each and every stone they carry.
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HRD Antwerp

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HRD Antwerp | Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification. Do you know the smallest details can make a world of difference ? That is why we invite you to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of HRD Antwerp’s diamond lab. HRD Antwerp is the leading authority when it comes to diamond certification, education and equipment. Through innovation and research we have become the centre of diamond know-how. We strive for perfection, delivering the highest quality in all our products and services. Visitors to the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair will have a unique opportunity to witness the accuracy of our grading methods on Monday, January 30 and Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Groups of no more than TEN visitors will enjoy detailed explanations of the lab’s operation, and will be able to follow a diamond’s route throughout the grading process. HRD Antwerp welcomes the opportunity to host the ADTF visitors and buyers at the laboratory and will be happy to offer them a drink. “We are most pleased to invite the ADTF visitors to tour our diamondlab’s operations and in particular to witness the demonstration of our highly professional standards. We are sure that these visits will be true eye openers for many jewellers, retailers and buyers.” Interested? Visit the HRD Antwerp booth to register for a tour. Each tour will take 30 minutes and will be offered in English and French. HRD Antwerp is a proud sponsor of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.
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IGI – International Gemological Institute

– World’s largest independent laboratory for the identification, testing and grading of gemstones and fine jewellery. – Founded in Antwerp in 1975 – 18 Laboratories & operating offices worldwide: Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Los Angeles, Kolkata, New Delhi, Thrissur, Jaipur, Surat, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad – 15 Schools of gemology – Polished, Rough, Colored Stone and Pearl courses in 10 different languages – G.G. Diploma
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K.G.K Diamonds

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KGK Group formed in 1905 has grown and developed over the last 100 years and has deep roots in the Diamonds, Gemstones, and Jewellery Industry.KGK has worldwide integrated operations in 12 countries across 4 continents, covering manufacturing, marketing and retailing of Diamonds, gemstones and Jewellery.KGK has a distinction of being a sight holder of DTC London (De Beers Group) in India and South Africa and Contract Client of Alrosa in Russia.KGK is known worldwide for its unmatchable products, exemplary quality, international standards and its impeccable reputation.
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Kapu Gems

Posizione: - T.+91 22 4311 2233
Established since 2 decades, Kapu Gems specializes in manufacturing large-szied high-end premium diamonds in Round and Fancy shapes. Among leaders in manufacturing high end premium collection of diamonds, renowned for their excellent standards in manufacturing. With extensive use of I.T. in all spheres of business, Kapu Gems have achieved complete Information Technology governance, thereby bringing in complete transparency, standardization and integration. Kapu Gems specializes in manufacturing 0.30cts to 6cts and above in Round & Fancy shapes, colors from D to M including fancy colors and clarity from FL to SI3. Kapu Gems are associated with the leading mines across the globe and have core expertise in manufacturing D Flawless , Hearts & Arrows diamonds and match pair collection, Kapu Gems have well-defined global sales over 30 countries which is well-segmented in developed world and emerging economies. Huge customer base comprising high end retailers, jewelry designer’s chain stores and renowned distributors all over the world. Kapu Gems believes in premium quality products, transparent conduct, accurate pricing, and goods manufactured sourced from truly legitimate sources. Manufacturing Unit is situated in Surat- Gujarat, Head office in Bharat Diamond Bourse- Mumbai. Sales offices in Hong Kong, Antwerp & Dubai.
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Kay Diamonds

Posizione: - T.+32 3 231 48 15
Kay Diamonds with an experience of 3 generations is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale activities of the finest make in Indian and Chinese polished diamonds, manufacturing through a network of skilled labour using modern technology. The company specializes from 0.003pts to 20carats in all shapes , colours and clarities and also services the niche market with Natural Black, Dark Brown diamonds, Rose Cut and other fancy shapes. We at Kay Diamonds Believe in Long lasting Relationships with our customers by providing Exceptional Services , Tailor made assortments ,perfectly Calibrated sizes (perfectly suited for watches or High end jewelry), Consistency in its make and regular supply to every sector of the industry from the Polish distributers to jewelry manufactures and even the High end Jewelry retailers.
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Krochmal and Lieber

Posizione: - T.+32 3 233 21 69
Krochmal & Lieber is a third generation diamond cutting and polishing firm of long standing. Their main factory, situated in the heart of Antwerp, is a shining example of the traditional diamond manufacturing process, where every diamond is cut with the greatest of care. K&L disposes of a wide variety of round and fancy cut diamonds in medium to large sizes and a large selection of fancy color diamonds. Krochmal & Lieber is also the creator of fancy cuts "KORLOFF" and "LUCERE". Being manufacturers with their own workshops, the company is able to offer quality products at great prices.
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Posizione: [email protected] T. +32 3 233 83 03
Inspired by the great Mughal Empire, when the mightiness of miniature art was discovered; a time that witnessed the revival of painters, poets and jewellers. The Mogul Gems story began in the year 1965 as diamond traders. We are a family-run business who have narrated extraordinary stories in trading and creating fine jewels. With humble beginnings in Antwerp, Mogul Gems excelled as a trusted name in diamond trading and private collectors circles. One could call us the “Moguls” or the “Czars” of fine gems and jewels. Upholding a heritage of couture, traditional and contemporary jewels, we have earned the admiration of diamond connoisseurs across the world.
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Mikisa Gems

Posizione: - T.+32 3 226 09 57
Created in 1999, Mikisa Gems has its roots in B. Bipinkumar & Co, a company that since 1974 has built a wealth of expertise in cutting and polishing rough diamonds into gems. As a result of the success and ever-increasing demand for B. Bipinkumar & C,'s production, the company established branches - Mumbai, Antwerp and Hong Kong - as the sales outpost for these fine goods, with Mikisa Gems representing the firm in Antwerp. More than 40 years ago, the founders of B. Bipinkumar & Co -- Shri Jivanbhai Saspara and Shri Dhanjibhai Saspara -- started as labour contractors, by training talented artisans into skilled diamond polishers. Their hard work and dedication made their company an important players in the global diamond industry and trade. Mikisa Gems supplies top-quality full cut diamonds, in calibrated sizes from 0.5mm up to 3.6 mm and single cuts from 0.5mm up to 1.8 mm. These stones are typically cut for high-end jewellery and watch brands and are offered in consistent and standardised assortments. Our companies' goal is to be customer-oriented and a reliable source of well-cut, small diamonds with a guaranteed, certified quality supply and meticulous service. We make what we believe in and we believe in our make.
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Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 226 01 74
Our company exists since 2008. Our parent company is headquartered in Mumbai, with production facilities in Surat. Other, affiliated offices are found in locations such as Dubai, Hong-Kong, China and the USA. In India, we manufacture polished diamonds from 0.30 carat to five carats We polish and trade in goods in IF to pique clarities and from D to M colours. All our larger goods are certificated. We also will supply sorted parcels. Moxdiam's Principals: Mitesh Shah and Naresh Shah
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My Dear Diamonds

Posizione: [email protected] T.+32 478 54 23 79
Founded in Antwerp in 2005 by Yash Bothra, my Dear Diamond (MDD) company specializes in the manufacturing and trading of pear shaped and heart shaped polished diamonds, MDD has positioned itself as Antwerp's number one supplier of these fancy-shaped goods, in sizes that range from 1.50 ct. to 10.00 ct., in colours from F to J, and in clarities from SI-2 to VVS. The majority of the diamonds we hold in stock are accompanied by diamond grading reports of the Institute of Gemmology of HRD NV (HRD) and the Gem Trade Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Naturally, in our endeavour to serve our clients as a one-stop-station for their polished diamond needs, we also carry an impressive inventory of rounds.
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Onyx Diamonds Europe

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 231 80 20
Onyx Diamonds Europe is a leading brand, specialized in the manufacturing in of square-shaped diamonds. We manufacture consistently and regularly princes cuts, cushion shapes, emerald cuts, square emerald cuts, small rounds and baguettes from 0.03 carat and up. We sell our diamonds in parcels, also in lines of calibrated goods, assorted in millimeter sizes. We manufacture our diamonds in a range of qualities, from collection, VVS, to lower colors and clarities. We also offer our clients customized-cut diamonds, ready to be set in rings, bracelets and necklaces. Please visit our website for further information:
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Rosy Blue

Posizione: - T.+32 3 206 16 00
Our close relationships with the world’s diamond mining companies mean we can depend on an unrivalled supply of rough diamonds. In turn, this means we can assure our clients of a consistent, regular supply, well into the future. Our rough sourcing and polished diamond divisions are in continuous, open communication, enabling us to tailor our procurement as much as possible to the demands of our customers at the time. As a company proud of its high ethical standards, we are naturally extremely careful to verify the provenance of every rough diamond we buy.
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Samir Gems

Posizione: - T. +32 3 227 58 53
Founded in 1982 Samir Gems is a well reputed and renowned company in Antwerp, Belgium. Samir gems is a family business, their biggest asset and strength is their long term relationship with their customers and suppliers. Special stones manufacturing is one of many attributes of the company, including rough and polish trading. Recognized as one of the few growing manufactures of Antwerp, Samir Gems continues to polish some of the rarest diamonds with some of the finest polishers of the world in order to maintain a very high quality. Special, gem qualities, flawless are few words commonly used to describe the polished diamonds of Samir Gems. Samir Gems annually exhibits in Antwerp Diamond Fair, Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair and Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.
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SRS Diamonds

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 233 08 27
SRS Diamonds is a polished diamonds specialist with a strong diamond manufacturing base in India and associate manufacturing in Russia and China. The firm focuses only in better made goods. SRS' day-to-day operations in Antwerp are managed by Rishi Jain and his highly efficient team. Rishi is an all-round diamond expert who has lived and worked in Antwerp city for the 23 years. SRS Diamonds specializes in round diamonds in all qualities, from -0.02 ct to 0.40 ct., in colourless grades only. SRS also holds an extensive inventory of Fancy shaped diamonds, particularly in Pears, Marquise, Ovals and Heart shapes, shapes, from 0.10 ct. to 0.90 cts. In addition, their niche lies on Rose cut diamonds, from 0.02 ct. to 1 ct. only in Top make and F+ Color. Our Mission is to provide customers with perfect assortments at very competitive prices. We aim to deliver the highest possible value to our customer, with overnight deliveries and are able to repeat supplies regularly and consistently. We at SRS achieve all this with dedication, enthusiasm and passion. Our Mott is "Building Transparent Relationships adhering to the highest standards of our trade with integrity and respect in everything we do".
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The Buddha Diamond Company

Posizione: [email protected] - T. +32 3 233 53 78
The Buddha cut, diamonds polished in the shape of a meditating Buddha, have been designed and produced by The Buddha Diamond Company BVBA in Antwerp, owner of a worldwide copyright on this shape. Buddha is the symbol for enlightening, inner peace and relaxation, it’s a world symbol. Our Buddha diamonds are commonly set as centre stones for pendants and rings but also other designs can been created for this shape. Most stones ranges in size from approximate 0.50 Cts to 10 Cts+. Qualities supplied go from IF to good SI in all colours with HRD/GIA certification (both stating our exclusive copyrighted shape).
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Shapiro Gems

Posizione: - T.+32 3 226 56 05
Shapiro Gems is a dynamic firm located at the heart of the Antwerp Diamond Center and active all over the world. We specialize in exceptional, big sized, not heated gem stones and diamonds, we also offer a wide range of commercial goods which we import directly from the Far East, Africa and South America. The firm was founded in 1990 by Oded Shapiro, who has been active in the gem stone business since 1982. In 2005 Shapiro Gems became a family business when Idan Shviro  joined, followed by Itai Shapiro in 2014 and Lielle Shapiro in 2015. We are member of ICA, Antwerp Diamond Bourse& Club.
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Taché Diamonds

Posizione: - T.+32 3 234 18 18
Since its modest beginnings as a small family jewellery business in Lebanon, to its development as one of the major players in the international diamond market, Taché has established and upheld their exclusive name and consequently their dominance in the diamond trade as a major manufacturer of high quality round and princess cut diamonds, in all sizes and qualities. The company is a DTC sightholder, with access to the biggest and best suppliers of sorted diamonds in the world. Today, Taché is synonymous with excellence and uniformity in manufacturing, consistency and stability of tailored diamond supply, progressive thinking, unshakable values, quality of service, and client management.
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Van den Plas en Zonen

Posizione: [email protected] - T. +32 3 226 33 19
Van den Plas en Zonen BVBA is located in the heart of Antwerp, world’s most dynamic and sparkling diamond center. For over 3 generations, passion and knowledge of the world’s most precious stones translated into a solid company led by the two brothers, Sacha and Joeri Van den Plas. Their grandfather was already manufacturing rough diamonds in the late sixties and their father was one of the first Flemisch diamond entrepreneurs by creating employment to a lot of polishers in the “kempen”. Nowadays, they specialize in bigger size diamonds as well as gem stone and special fancy color diamonds. For the 4 years participated to a lot of diamond fairs all over the world. Therefore this authentic Flemish family business could become a reliable team player on the international market of diamond business. Integrity, expertise and professionalism characterize the two brothers, like no other and make their company an established value in the market.
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World brilliant gems

World brilliant gems, a well known established company, located in the prestigious diamond exchange Bourse in Antwerp Belgium. A third generation of the Abi Jaoude family, we supply diamonds of all quality, size and shape in both white and fancy colors, all Gia and Hrd certified. We have international and diversified network in all major hubs of the Diamond industry worldwide
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Posizione: - T.+32 3 232 94 84
Established in 1985, A.C.Diam is a fast growing diamond manufacturing company that seeks to distinguish themselves by their on time delivery, impeccable quality standards and their innovative and fine craftsmanship. A.C.Diam is a trusted supplier of polished diamonds, from 0.50 to 5 carats, in all shapes, colours and clarities.We specialise in cushion cuts and other very nice made fancy shapes. The company's quality control standards are among the highest in the industry. While we operate our own, in-house diamond grading lab, we also provide diamond grading reports from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Institute of Gemmologym of HRD Antwerp NV (HRD) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). A.C.Diam follow the best practices principles in all stages of their business.
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Posizione: - T.+32 3 205 07 90
Ajari Gems Bvba is a diamond manufacturing and trading company based in Belgium since 1997 with associates in Israel, South Africa and India. We specialise in one carat plus colourless and fancy coloured polished diamonds. We produce all shapes (round, pear, princess, oval, marquise and heart shapes). Also we have a special department dealing in pink and blue diamonds. We believe in keeping our customer happy.
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Anglo Belge Special Risks

Posizione: - T.+32 3 218 91 28 - [email protected]
Anglo Belge Special Risks is a specialized broker providing tailor-made insurance and risk management solutions in the diamond, jewellery and fine art industry. With over fifty years of experience, Anglo Belge can count on the strongest European insurance markets (including Lloyd’s of London). Valuing long term relationship, they service their worldwide based clients via their offices in Antwerp, Geneva and Dubai. All risks insurance solutions for: - Diamond wholesalers & manufacturers - Private collectors & fine arts professionals - Retail & wholesale jewelers We also cover personal accident, term life, key man, or kidnap & ransom.
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Arhaan Diam

Posizione: I T. +32 474995646 I [email protected]
Arhaan Diam is a third-generation family company heading the diamond business. We are specialized in cutting and polishing rough diamonds as well as in manufacturing high-end finished jewelry. We sell high make polished diamonds to manufacturers, retailers and to the jewelry industry providing an exclusive and tailored service to every customer. Arhaan Diam is also a pioneer in recycling diamonds. We continuously buy stones from retailers, pawn shops, and local private persons, as well as from diamond cutters and jewelry manufacturers. Arhaan Diam is always committed to delivering full satisfaction in customer service with consistency, quality and reliability.
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Beauty Gems

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 475 79 64 00
Beauty Gems is one of Antwerp's leading manufacturing companies, which also operates in India and Dubai. The company's diamonds, symbolizing excellence, are available from 0.5 points to 2cts in all colours and clarity. We carry inventories of Top Chinese and Indian make in full- and single cuts, delivering them in straight mm sizes and also certified stones. Hard work and the loyal support of staff and customers have been attributed to the company's success. Today, Beauty Gems believes the name Beauty Gems is synonymous with consistency and great customer service across the world.
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Blooming Star

Posizione: - T.+32 3 226 80 13
Leading as a diamond manufacturer and wholesaler for more than 30 years, Bloomingstar is spreading its influence all over Europe. We specialize in the manufacturing and wholesaling of all solitaire (round) diamonds, from 0.50 carat and up. All our diamonds come with grading report issues by one of our industry's three leading gemmological laboratories, the Gem Trade Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemmology (HRD NV) and the International Gemmological Institute (IGI). We strive not only towards excellence in our diamond cutting and polishing providing the ExExEx cut but also in offering top notch service to our clients. Our stock of goods is easily accessible 24/7 on our user friendly online diamond platform at Our motto defines our strength: "Blooming with solitaires".
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Posizione: [email protected] I +32 3 226 1151
Centerstone (est. 1993) specializes in high quality GIA and HRD certified diamonds from 0.30 ct. to 5.99 ct. and larger in D to M colors and IF to VS2 clarities in 3EX None Round brilliant and most conventional fancy shapes in top make. Centerstone is a very reliable source for consistent supply at competitive prices of single stones, matched pairs and for programs.
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Dali Diamond Company

Posizione: - T.+32 3 233 79 41
Dali Diamond is a third- generation, full downstream and innovative diamond company with an exceptional reputation of service excellence and irreproachable quality product. Active on the market for the past 65 years and DTC sightholder since 1969, they are able to offer consistency and reliability in supply, as well as effective marketing support, while the authenticity and integrity of their diamonds remain assured. To further guarantee their supply, Dali has successfully developed relationships with the Russian supplier Alrosa, since 1994. Dali can supply exactly what the consumer needs by tightly controlling manufacturing and streamlining interaction between the sales and manufacturing departments.
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Carbon 6 Diamonds

Posizione: T. +32 491 28 12 28
A respected Diamond Manufacturing Company, Carbon 6 Diamonds is the result of a group of young diamantaires from Antwerp joining forces. Together, we aim to take diamonds forward into the 21st century, while upholding the old traditions of our industry, which we have valued for generations. We deal in diamonds of all sizes, shapes and colours. Finally, we are always eager to form new business relations with new partners & clients.
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Dharm Diam

Posizione: - T.+32 3 234 14 44
Dharm Diam BVBA is the marketing arm of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd, one of the largest diamond manufacturers and DTC sight holders. With more than 25 years of rich experience, Dharmanandan Diamonds has adopted a set of core values, high ethical standards and business principles to ensure that its business is free from any malpractice. The Dharmanandan Diamonds Group has established strategic marketing networks at all major diamond markets, such as India, Hong Kong, Belgium and the USA We specialise in diamonds from 0.01 carat to 5.00 carat in round and fancy shapes, from D to M colours, in clarities ranging from I-3 to IF. Many of our diamond are accompanied by diamond grading reports issued by the world's most reputable gemmological laboratories such as the Gem Trade Laboratory of Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Institute of Gemmology of HRD Antwerp NV (HRD) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).. Dharmanadan Diamonds Pvt Ltd is committed to delivering full satisfaction in customer services, with consistency, best quality and reliability.
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Posizione: - T.+32 3 206 61 00
Dimexon is a globally trusted and respected player in today’s diamond industry, a leading DTC Sightholder since 1976, a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire since 2007 and an accredited customer of Alrosa. Dimexon applies its renowned precision to produce consistent quality and volumes of high quality calibrated small diamonds, each identically cut, using microscopes and micrometers, and scientifically assessed to be within the industry standard of 0.05mm tolerance. This expertise and attention to detail makes us a preferred supplier to world renowned jewelry retailers and watch brands. Dimexon offers consistency in assortments and excellent makes in goods from 0.60mm to 4.00mm, as well as 0.25 to 5 carats certified by GIA, HRD and IGI. Dimexon also manufactures an exclusive range of large & exceptional diamonds in rounds and fancy shapes from 5 carats to 50 carats at our state of the art facility in Antwerp.
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Divine Gems

Posizione: - T.+32 3 226 48 07
Divine Gems is marketing associates of H.Dipak & co. , a leading manufacturer of princess-cut diamonds and a jewellery wholesale company catering to the needs of the jewellers in America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East. Our long-standing experience of over three generations in the diamond business ensures that our customers receive the finest cut diamonds at competitive international prices. We are proud of the success of our clients and strive to provide them with unparalleled service. It has always been our endeavour to constantly find innovative ways to improve systems at all levels. Our commitment is to remain close to our clients and to remain actively engaged with market developments. For Divine Gems, product quality is paramount, and the essential first step towards our ultimate goal: "Outstanding service and added value for all our clients”
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Fancy Jewels B.V.B.A. - T.+32 32336742 Fancy Jewels B.V.B.A. is working in the Diamond industry since last 30 years and built a large global network of loyal clients who keep returning because the company has managed to continuously exceed customer’s expectations. Fancy Jewels B.V.B.A. offers Natural fancy color diamonds, loose diamonds, GIA certified color diamonds, Certified diamonds, in (star melee) 0.005 ct. to 0.50 ct & UP sizes IN PINK, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, BROWN, WHITE, BLACK & more than 400 colors, in all fancy shapes & diamond beads. Please visit us on our website :
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Forever Diamonds

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 337 24 88
We specialize in matching pairs in fancy shapes such as triangles, trapezoids, half moons, hearts and pears. We can also supply you with natural fancy color diamonds: yellow, blue, green, rounds and fancy shapes from 0,10ct to 3cts each , in single stones or in pairs.
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Ginée Rotti Diamond Company

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 232 62 92
The Rotti family has been in the diamond business for more than 120 years and was among the founders of the Diamantclub van Antwerpen, Belgium's oldest diamond exchange. Since 1890, four generations of Rotti's have manufactured and traded diamonds in the Scheldt City, building a trusted network of international customers and supplying their clients with the widest possible choice of polished diamonds. Ginée Rotti is managed by third generation diamantaire Willy Rotti, who is also the incumbent president of the Diamantclub. Rotti's father, Adolphe, served not only as the club's president but also was the longest serving president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), serving from 1948 to 1965.
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Posizione: T. +919833922179
Established in 1992, Hari Krishna Exports a Diamond Manufacturing Company, earned global reputation as the most trusted diamond supplier. Distinguished for the highest ethical standards, commitment to excellence, consistent product quality and transparent business practices; we pioneered the concept of fixed & fair pricing. Hari Krishna Exports ensured direct rough supply from the De Beers, Rio Tinto, DDC (earlier BHP) and Alrosa. We are also the official suppliers of CanadaMark and ForeverMark. We are the only diamond manufacturer and Sightholder to achieve the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certification in India; the only recipient of GJEPC’S 16 awards for 13 consecutive years from 2003–2015.
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IDEX – International Diamond Exchange

IDEX – International Diamond Exchange – is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders located in the main diamond cities such as Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan and New York. IDEX features online, live, supply listings with dynamic pricing features and a proprietary and unique online transaction clearing function (GDTTM). IDEX reach into the professional diamond trading is comprehensive – more than 7,000 professional traders use the system regularly; more than 75% of the supply chain inventory is featured on the system. IDEX prices and data has become one of the industry standards. IDEX is a leader and innovator in diamond pricing products. The widely used and followed IDEX Diamond Index has been published continuously since 2004 and is the first and oldest index based on actual listing data. IDEX also publishes a widely followed diamond price benchmark and provides traders with online, real-time asking prices research tools.
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IGC Group

Posizione: - T.+32 3 203 45 67
Since 1912 IGC Group manufactures diamonds in the finest make. Building on this legacy the company is today the strategic supplier for international jewellery luxury brands and the Swiss watch industry. Thanks to our 2,000 diamond professionals and as a Sightholder of the De Beers Group of Companies (since 1955) we are able to provide the finest diamond selections in the most precise qualities. Come and see us at our booth or visit our brand new head office within the diamond district (address: Schupstraat 15).
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Posizione: - T.+32 3 201 30 00
Founded on 10th May 1965, the KP Sanghvi Group has completed 50 years of craftsmanship. We are a world renowned RJC certified and BPP Compliant global conglomerate including diamond processing, jewellery manufacturing & retail operations. Our manufacturing excellence includes SI & Pique goods (0.005 cts to 2 cts), in an exhaustive assortment of 4,400+ polished grades and certified stones (across colours, sieve sizes, clarity, shapes), as well as exquisitely designed jewellery. We cater to 40+ markets including US, Europe, HK, Middle-East, India through our headquarters in Mumbai and sales offices in New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Delhi and Kolkata.
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Kristall Production Corporation

Posizione: T. +7 4812 200 152
Kristall Production Corporation is a major diamond manufacturer in Russia and Europe. Since its establishment in 1963, Kristall has earned a reputation as a trustworthy business partner and supplier of top quality polished diamonds with perfect sales and marketing policies. The company enjoys the long-term partnership with the world top producers – ALROSA and De Beers. Kristall Production Corporation is a high-tech diamond processing complex, using unique proprietary and state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and know-how. Kristall specializes in mass manufacturing and sales of premium quality polished diamonds of a wide size range and both traditional and exclusive fancy cuts.
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Lerner Diamonds

Posizione: – T: +32 3 233 33 34
A highly respected family business offering a personalised service for wholesalers and jewellers. We open the doors to the complex Antwerp diamond market for you in anything you need. We also specialise in commercially priced diamonds and are one of Europe’s exclusive distributors of ‘clarity enhanced’ diamonds. These are natural diamonds which are treated to enhance their clarity, they come at very interesting prices. Members of WFDB, Antwerp’s Diamond Bourse & Diamond Club. Ayelet Lerner is acting President of the Women’s Jewelry Association for the Benelux region.
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Mac Cutting Works

Posizione: +32 231 91 71 / +32 475 433 432 Michael Suchowolski
With more than 50 years in the diamond cutting industry, Mac Cutting Works has acquired a key role in the Antwerp diamond polishing industry. With their expertise and highly skilled polishers, no challenge is too big. Mac Cutting Works specializes in the repolishing of diamonds. Triple Excellent, AGS0, Hearts & Arrows, Custom sizes of Baguettes and Princess shapes for the high-end jewellery & watch industry. Besides full recuts, we offer various other services such as the removal of laser inscriptions, repairing broken culets and repolishing of precious stones.
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Malca-Amit is a full-service courier company with a 35-year record of providing the highest quality personalized service and the most efficient logistics solutions for diamonds, jewellery, gold, and valuable documents. During the fair Malca-Amit, as the official forwarder, will have our own booth and will give an on-line export service and local service, with a special promotional price for the listed potential buyers. Our staff, at the booth, will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.
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MID Belgium

Posizione: - T.+32 3 231 26 26
MID House of Diamonds is one of the world's largest and most respected manufactures and distributors of polished diamonds, who have been selling to leading retailers around the world for over 50 years. Although they are among the top ten diamond manufactures with an international network of factories and offices, MID House of Diamonds run their family business according tot heir founding principles of mutual respect, quality and dedicated service. Every MID client can expect their dedication to the highest quality of service, whether they are searching for single stone or a diverse stock of an entire chain of stores.
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Mishal Manufacturing

Posizione: [email protected] - T. +32 3 226 12 17
Mishal Manufacturing specializes in small round brilliant cut diamonds of ‘Chinese Make’. The group has its own modern factory in China. We specialize in small sizes of better make and higher clarity. We have the capacity to supply polished diamonds in specific sizes/mm, qualities and quantities, including special assortments graded using a microscope. - Fax: +32 3 226 01 27
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Nasielski Diamonds

Posizione: - T.+32 3 233 53 57
Specialized in cutting, polishing and selling diamonds for six generations, Nasielski Diamonds has been based in Antwerp for over 85 years. The company can service customers all over the world with its production of polished diamonds at very competitive prices and a personalized service. The Nasielski’s supply round brilliant and fancy shapes in all sizes from 0.005 crt to 10 carat stones, in colours from D to M-N (cape), and clarities ranging from flawless to heavy piqué, also special stones and colours. The consistency of assortments and continuity of supply allow their clients to rely on Nasielski Diamonds for all their diamond needs.
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Pristine Diamonds

Posizione: [email protected] - T.+32 3 206 81 30
Pristine Diamonds N.V. is a large size diamond manufacturer with over 40 years of family history in the diamond trade. The firm is specialised in the manufacturing of large, exclusive white and fancy coloured diamonds. The company maintains the highest and most competitive standards in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of top quality diamonds in the global diamond, gem and jewellery market. Pristine Diamonds has strong connections with highly respected diamond manufacturers all around the world and are proud to offer top quality product and service while striving to maintain strong and long lasting relationships with their customers worldwide.
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Rubin en Zonen

Posizione: - T. +32 3 201 10 80
Rubin & Zonen is a well-known family diamond manufacturing and trading company, since 1928. Our passion for professionalism and precision, make up our reputation. At Rubin & Zonen we say what we are doing, and we do what we have said We supply all shapes in a wide range of colors and qualities, and are particularly well known for our assortments of fine make: - rounds: from 0,01pts to 5 carats - princess & emerald and all other fancy shapes - side stones: half moons, trapezoids, trilliants and special shapes. Our reputation for excellent service and competitive pricing should convince you that Rubin & Zonen is a reliable source for all your diamond needs.
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SDE Group

Posizione: - T.+32 3 226 80 05
For the past 25 years, SDE Group has become widely known for excellence and dependability. We have built our name in major diamond markets around the world by delivering our clients requests promptly and meticulously. There is a large inventory of round and fancy shaped diamonds available through the website. Diversified sourcing and expert manufacturing allow SDE to fulfill large volume demands in all product ranges. The company serves an international clientele, from large brand companies to independent stores. Wherever we operate, we respect local customs and cultures, as long as this does not compromise our integrity. Every customer can expect the highest quality of service, whether they are searching for a single stone or a wide range of goods.
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Simoni Gems

Posizione: t. +32 3 231 36 57
“Our service is our strength." Simoni Gems bvba has been exclusively dealing in Fancy shape diamonds, Marquise, Oval and Pear shapes for over two decades we are able to carry a sizeable inventory of well-cut Marquise and Pear shape diamonds our merchandise is ranging from 5 pointers to 2 carats. Our qualities range from D to K color and from VS1 flawless to promotional I3. Orders are customized according to color, clarity, calibrated sizes and/or specific weight ranges. We can prepare your order like tailor made assortment, by color, clarity, calibrated sizes or by specific weight ranges.
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Uniglo Diamonds

Posizione: - T.+32 3 500 91 07
Uniglo Diamonds is dedicated to providing consistent and brilliant products to our customers at outstandingly competitive prices. We deliver better quality, focusing only on top make diamonds and never compromising on cut. Created in 2001, Uniglo Diamonds is part of a family business founded almost 30 years ago. The company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its outstanding selection of diamonds and unparalleled excellence in service. Our competitive prices result from our lean structure: we buy rough directly from the source, ensuring a wide selection of rough at competitive prices. We sell directly to our clients ensuring a fast service and the best prices. We have our own highly efficient and flexible manufacturing base, employing more than 2000 highly skilled staff. We produce polished diamonds from as small as 0,005cts to large diamonds up to 10cts. Our flexibility also enables us to cut diamonds to specific client needs and specifications. Uniglo Diamonds maintains a substantial inventory of small and large stones, in all sizes, shapes, clarities and colours. Uniglo Diamonds’ state-of-the-art facilities and talented well- trained workers deliver products of consistent premier quality and outstanding brilliance. The quality of our rough and cut of our polished diamonds is so high that they are used in the finest diamond jewellery across the world.
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XL Catlin

At XL Catlin, we know the world needs risk to move forward. As the need to innovate drives business forward, risks grow ever more complex. Risk is our business. Our brand expresses how we think about risk. And our unique approach to it. We look at risk in new ways. We’re open to new ideas; ready to provide innovative, creative solutions to the risks of a changing world. To work with our clients and help them unleash their capacity to advance. It’s why at XL Catlin we say: MAKE YOUR WORLD GO.
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