igiIGI – International Gemological Institute
– World’s largest independent laboratory for the identification, testing and grading of gemstones and fine jewellery.
– Founded in Antwerp in 1975
– 18 Laboratories & operating offices worldwide: Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Los Angeles, Kolkata, New Delhi, Thrissur, Jaipur, Surat, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad
– 15 Schools of gemology
– Polished, Rough, Colored Stone and Pearl courses in 10 different languages – G.G. Diploma

Malca-amitMalca-Amit is a full-service courier company with a 35-year record of providing the highest quality personalized service and the most efficient logistics solutions for diamonds, jewellery, gold, and valuable documents.
During the fair Malca-Amit, as the official forwarder, will have our own booth and will give an on-line export service and local service, with a special promotional price for the listed potential buyers.
Our staff, at the booth, will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

anglo-belgeAnglo Belge Special Risks is a specialized broker providing tailor-made insurance and risk management solutions in the diamond, jewellery and fine art industry. With over fifty years of experience, Anglo Belge can count on the strongest European insurance markets (including Lloyd’s of London). Valuing long term relationship, they service their worldwide based clients via their offices in Antwerp, Geneva and Dubai.


At XL Catlin, we know the world needs risk to move forward. As the need to innovate drives business forward, risks grow ever more complex. Risk is our business. Our brand expresses how we think about risk. And our unique approach to it. We look at risk in new ways. We’re open to new ideas; ready to provide innovative, creative solutions to the risks of a changing world.
To work with our clients and help them unleash their capacity to advance.
It’s why at XL Catlin we say: MAKE YOUR WORLD GO.

idexIDEX – International Diamond Exchange – is the leading online diamond-trading platform for professional diamond traders located in the main diamond cities such as Antwerp, Mumbai, Ramat Gan and New York. IDEX features online, live, supply listings with dynamic pricing features and a proprietary and unique online transaction clearing function (GDTTM).
IDEX reach into the professional diamond trading is comprehensive – more than 7,000 professional traders use the system regularly; more than 75% of the supply chain inventory is featured on the system. IDEX prices and data has become one of the industry standards.

IDEX is a leader and innovator in diamond pricing products. The widely used and followed IDEX Diamond Index has been published continuously since 2004 and is the first and oldest index based on actual listing data. IDEX also publishes a widely followed diamond price benchmark and provides traders with online, real-time asking prices research tools.

HRD Antwerp | Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification.

Do you know the smallest details can  make a world of difference ? That is why we invite you to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of HRD Antwerp’s diamond lab.
HRD Antwerp is the leading authority when it comes to diamond certification, education and equipment. Through innovation and research we have become the centre of diamond know-how. We strive for perfection, delivering the highest quality in all our products and services.

Visitors to the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair will have a unique opportunity to witness the accuracy of our grading methods on Monday, February 1  and  Tuesday, February 2, 2016.   Groups of no more than  TEN visitors will enjoy detailed explanations of the lab’s operation, and will be able to follow a diamond’s route throughout the grading process.
HRD Antwerp welcomes  the opportunity to host the ADTF visitors and buyers at the laboratory and will be happy to offer them a drink.
“We are most pleased to invite the ADTF visitors to tour our diamondlab’s operations and in particular to witness the demonstration of our  highly  professional standards. We are sure that these visits will be true eye openers for many jewellers, retailers and buyers.”Interested? Visit the HRD Antwerp booth to register for a tour. Each tour will take 30 minutes and will be offered in English and French.

HRD Antwerp is a proud sponsor of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.

The World Diamond Mark (WDM) is an independent international organisation created by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses to rekindle consumers’ desire for diamonds and their trust in the jewellery shop, and consequently, to boost demand for natural diamonds throughout the diamond supply pipeline.

The WDM carries out various projects which reach out to consumers, businesses and the diamond industry: WDM Conferences, the World Diamond Museum, the World Diamond Magazine, fashion shows, etc.

But successful diamond promotion is not possible without trustful, professional and loyal diamond jewellery retailers.

The World Diamond Mark set up the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer Programme, a project developed specially for diamond retailers to help them successfully develop their business and to sustain and improve consumer confidence in their shops.

Diamantaires and diamond jewellery retailers who are accredited as WDM Authorised Diamond Dealers are actively promoted to consumers and receive marketing, educational and operational support by the WDM.

The WDM educates consumers that Authorised Diamond Dealers are best practice jewellery retailers and that the shops carrying a WDM seal on their doors are trusted locations to purchase diamonds.