Who are the visitors?

Jewellery retailers, jewellery manufacturers and diamond dealers from all over the world.

Registration and sign-up procedure

  1. Visitors who have received an invitation are kindly requested to return their response form to confirm their attendance.
  2. All visitors are welcome, by pre-registration, if they qualify to attend the fair and prove references in the jewellery/diamond business. To pre-register, please click “HERE”
    Please note that each pre-registration made online will be reviewed for security reasons by the organizing committee and that pre-registration in itself is not guarantee for an access.
    Once a registration procedure is finalized and approved, details are forwarded with access and information about travel, pick up airport, accommodation and other details. Assistance for visas can be provided on request. The fair is a B2B event, not open to the public.
  3. Members of the Bourses of Antwerp are welcome to visit the fair every day on presentation of their membership cards.