Why attend


Why attend BrilliANT, the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair?

The place to be for Diamonds and Precious Stones
  • International trade fair dedicated to diamonds and precious stones
  • World’s most competitive pricing
  • Diamond Industry’s 100 top firms exhibiting in their own headquarters.
Quality and Quantity of Diamonds
  • With more than 5 centuries of diamond heritage, a diamond ‘Cut in Antwerp’ is synonymous with supreme quality.
  • 80% of the world’s rough diamonds and 50% of the polished diamonds are traded in Antwerp, a market with a daily volume of nearly US$350 million
A unique Concept.
  • Attend a unique fair located inside the 3 trade halls of the Bourses
  • Admire and compare stones in an elegant venue with a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a pleasant evening at the “Antwerp Diamond Night”.
  • Access easily from anywhere in the world